Free SQL Server 2014 Hosting with ASP.NET Support – Script All databases in SQL Server

You can produce script all client databases in sql server instance. You can’t create scripts system and client databases consolidated together.

FREE banner HostforlifeThis procedures is needed, when you have lot of databases in SQL server instace and need to make all databases comparable in another SQL server instace, you can approch this methods.

Now, please take the following steps to create scripts for all the client databases in SQL Server Instace.
1. First step is you must connect the SQL Server.
2. Then Choose the database folder.
3. Click “View” option on the menu.
4. Select the Object explorer details option.
5. Select all user databases, right side window. (Select any one datbase and press the Ctrl + A, it will highlight all the databases. De-select system databases and Database snapshots using Ctrl button and press mouse click each system databases object and Database    Snapshots object.It will deselect)
6. Right Click on any user database and select option Script database as —> select Create to —> New query editor window.

I hope this tutorial works for you. SQL Server 2014 with Free ASP.NET Hosting

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