SQL 2014 Hosting :: Step by step instructions to Perform Analysis with SQL Server Analysis Services Project

The most effective method to Create Cubes, Dimensions and Measures in SQL Server Business Intelligence

What is the utilization of information in the event that it is not for Analysis. What is the utilization of RDBMS on the off chance that it is not giving the Analytics usefulness. Here we investigate the SQL Services Project of SQL Server 2008

There are various open source programming projects like Pentaho/ Jasper and so forth that give the usefulness we will see underneath however nothing accompanies the straightforwardness like SSAS.

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To start, open Business Intelligence Studio and create Analysis Services Project

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The wizard will create a project aling with required folders – Dimensions and Cubes the two most important of any Business Intelligence project

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Creating Cube is easy in SQL Server. Right click on Cubes and select New Cube – a beautiful Wizard will guide

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Select the Generate tables option

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The below step helps you in Creating new Dimensions – OLAP is all about measures (Facts and Dimensions)

Facts and Dimensions in SQL Server

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Time dimension is created and filled automatically by SQL Server based on settings

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The above figure shows the measures and dimensions created by SQL SERVER.

Now we have the logical data model, we can create the Schema . SQL SERVER Schema Creation Wizard helps to create the required schema

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