SQL 2016 Hosting UK – How to Execute SQL Server Scripts From Command Line With Append Output File

I know you feel SSMS is really simple yet in the event that you have 1000 MSSQL Script to be sent ? Do you still prefer SSMS ? So to avoid from squandering time most ideal path is to run scripts utilizing command prompt or batch file.

And here is the code:

In “Drive:\windows\mydatabase.sql” is sql script having code “Select @@servername”

1. Syntax: sqlcmd -S Server\Instance -U user -P password -i path\file.sql

Example: sqlcmd -S Windows-PC\SQL2014 -U mydatabase -P mydatabase -i C:\windows\cmd.sql

2. If you want Windows authentication you should open Command Prompt with “Run as Administrator”

Syntax:sqlcmd -E -S Servername\instance -i Drive:\folderpath\cmd.sql
/**** Query output of sql server from command prompt in flat file ****/

Here using “>;” will clear output file and write data into it

sqlcmd -S Windows-PC\SQL2014 -U mydatabase -P mydatabase -i C:\windows\cmd.sql > C:\Windows\out.txt

sqlcmd -E -S Windows-PC\SQL2014 -i C:\windows\cmd.sql C:\windows\out.txt

Here using “>>” will append output file
sqlcmd -S Windows-PC\SQL2014 -U mydatabase -P mydatabase -i C:\windows\cmd.sql >> C:\windows\out.txt

sqlcmd -E -S Windows-PC\SQL2014 -i C:\windows\cmd.sql >> C:\windows\out.txt

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