SQL SERVER 2012 Hosting :: TIP – Error while connecting to SQL Server Instance on a Windows Azure Machine from local SQL Server Management Studio

Today I want give you simple tips when you try to connect to an SQL Server Instance hosted on Windows Azure, it works perfectly fine from within the server or through Azure management portal.
However, when you try to connect to the same instance from an local SQL Server Management studio, you get the below error which says “The connection string is not valid. The parameter is incorrect”


This is because, the name of the server specified will be wrong. For connecting to the instance hosted on azure, the server name we specify is slightly different from what we specify regularly.

Make sure the connection details you specify is as below.

Server type:  Database Engine
Server name: tcp:<servername>.cloudapp.net,<DB Port Number> OR tcp:<servername>.database.windows.net
Authentication:  SQL Server Authentication
Login: SQL User Name
Password: Password