SQL Server 2016 Hosting France :: Learn How to Set Up Managed Backups in SQL Server

Now I need to tell you how to Set Up Managed Backups in SQL Server 2016. It’s very easy and quite nicely documented. Before you will get towards, you need to reach with the prerequisites. First, which ought to be obvious, however I’ll state it, simply just in case, you have to found out an Azure storage account. That’s so insanely straight forward which I’m not heading to mention a lot of. Then, you need to found out encryption on the body. I used these commands to prep it :

Once more, shouldn’t have to mention this, however covering my bases, don’t lose that password. You could would like it later. You’ll also would like to make a credential (I had one produced for Backup to URL by now) :

And this is code to start backup:

With setting @enable_backup to 1, and it will works. It will repeat the script for multiple databases. Backups are currently automatic. There’s auditing constructed in. For instance, I seem to obtain errors on RESTORE HEADER_ONLY sometimes :