SQL SERVER 2016 HOSTING – How to Running SSMS With Different Windows Account?

How to Running SSMS With Different Windows Account?

If you’re using Windows Authentication for your SQL Server database you’ll need to run SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) as that Windows account to test queries.  SSMS normally runs as the user logged in to Windows, but there is a simple way to run it as the database access account.

SQL SERVER 2016 HOSTING – How to Running SSMS With Different Windows Account?

This works well for most programs, but causes problems with some, like SQL Server Management Studio. Actually, SSMS works this way without problem.  The problem comes when you want to add registered servers or customize the way SSMS is set up. As soon as you close the program, the changes you made are lost. If you re-start the program, even using the same alternate account, your changes are lost.

To use a different user without logging of and logging in as different user on Windows, you can use RunAs command to launch an application under different user’s context.

General Syntax

The general syntax for RunAs is as follows:

RunAs /user:DOMAIN\UserName ProgramName


To Run SSMS as different Windows user:

1. Go to Start -> Run,

2. Type following command in text box and press enter, this will launch command prompt to get user’s password:

RunAs /user:DOMAIN\UserName ProgramName

3. Provide user’s password and press enter:

Enter the password for User\User2:

This will launch SSMS under User2‘s context.

Multiple Instances

Using this method you can run multiple instances of SSMS side-by-side under different user contexts:

  • DOMAIN\User1
  • DOMAIN\User2


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