SQL Server 2017 Hosting :: How to Check Object Definition in SQL Server ?

On this article, I am going to tell you about Check Object Definition in different way. sp_helptext is wide used for checking object definition in SQL Server. sp_helptext is accustomed check definition of varied database objects like Views, stored Procedures and User defined Functions.

SQL Server 2017 Hosting

There are 2 different choices which might be used to retrieve object definition:
OBJECT_DEFINITION( object_id ) – may be a built-in function. It also can retrieve definitions of CHECK/DEFAULT constraints
sys.sql_modules – may be a catalog view that returns definitions of all modules in current database

Each of those is used as follows:

OBJECT_DEFINITION(object_id) and sys.sql_modules will returns results as a oneline when in “Results to Grid” (Ctrl + D) mode. Next step, Switch to “Results to Text” (Ctrl + T) for formatted output which will include line breaks. Hope this tutorial works for you!