SQL Server Hosting – How to Inserting String data into Varbinary User-Defined Data Type Column SQL Server .NET

How to Insert String data into Varbinary User-Defined Data Type Column SQL Server .NET?

The BINARY and VARBINARY types are similar to CHAR and VARCHAR, except that they contain binary strings rather than nonbinary strings. That is, they contain byte strings rather than character strings. This means that they have no character set, and sorting and comparison are based on the numeric values of the bytes in the values.

Although a few different design options are available, one option is to create SQL Server user defined data types and bind them to an existing default and rule.  In some respects, they can be considered customized SQL Server data types.  The SQL Server user defined data types can be created both with SQL Server Management Studio and T-SQL commands.  Let’s walk through samples of each option to serve as an example of SQL Server user defined data types can be used with defaults and rules.

How do I get 0x00120A011EFD89F94DDA363BA64F57441DE9 (This is the same for all records)

into this

BLOB_TYPE (MY_UDDT(varbinary(18))?

This is what I have so far, everything being very straightforward except for the SqlDbType.Udt parameter definition. With this code I’m getting the error, “Specified type is not registered on the target server.System.Byte[]”, I can say 100% the ‘User-Defined Data Type’ exists on the server. I queried select * from sys.types and it returned the type.

Definition: CREATE TYPE [dbo].[MY_UDDT] FROM varbinary NOT NULL


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