SQL SERVER Hosting :: How To Set Password of SQL Server After Installation

This blog defines how to set password of SQL Server after installation.

Many times we installed SQL Server on window authentication mode and after that we need to use It with Id and Password (Server Authentication Mode)
Int hat case you can follow these steps to activate password mode.

  • Step 1: Login with Window Authentication mode
  • Step 2: Go to Security Folder
  • Step 3: Go to Logins
  • Step 4: Go to Sa and Right Click and Choose Properties
  • Step 5: General– Enter Your passwords
  • Step 6:Server Role–Check Server Roles
  • Step 7: Status–Choose Grant and Enabled
  • Step 8: Click on OK
  • Step 9: Login with sa and your given Password

How To Recover Sql Server Password

When you are forgot your password in SQL Server authentication nothing to worry.
First open your Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.
Select ServerName and first select Authentication type is Window Authentication and Connect.

ewgtrNow showing Object Explorer in left side.
In Security > Logins > Select your sql server authentication username.
And right click on username and select properties.

2Now open login properties pop up and here you are set new password