SQL Server Hosting :: MS SQL Server Hosting Offers Full Potential

Hosting of MS SQL Server as a database server program offers full potential to clients. MS SQL Server on cloud offers many advantages.

Always-on Access for Multiple Users

Hosted MS SQL Server provider offers simultaneous accessibility for multiple users to the MS SQL Server on cloud via an Internet connected device.

A MS SQL Server Hosting Service Provider Follows Extreme Security Measures

By getting MS SQL Server hosting service through a cloud computing or application hosting service provider, customers enjoy the benefits of twenty four by seven extreme security measures afforded by the hosted MS SQL Server software provider’s security experts along with the word class data center facilities’ security advantages. In the advanced software or application hosting environment, provisioned by the cloud hosting or cloud computing technology, the risk management system is very capable of obtaining an adequate amount of data so as to accurately, quickly, and quantitatively determine the chances of a risk. A MS SQL Server hosting service provider is able to get the actual data on the network’s threats along with their profiles.

The problem of selecting a chance for each of the vulnerabilities can be solved by a MS SQL Server hosting service provider’s security professionals by using an approach which is known as the divide and conquer method or approach. In the divide and conquer method or approach, a problem is split into two smaller problems each of which can be solved separately. The answers of the smaller problems are then merged to give a quantitative basis to an approximation on the chance of the vulnerability. Firstly, the cloud hosting or cloud computing service provider’s security professionals create a threat profile for each of the vulnerabilities in order to specify the kind of threat that is able to exploit this particular vulnerability. This created threat profile could include the properties such as the skill level, the intensity of the attacks, and others. MS SQL Server host’s security experts can have a general agreement among themselves regarding how the threat profiles are made for each of the vulnerabilities, so this process is not based on any type of guesswork or so. A SQL injection vulnerability can be defined as a vulnerability that allows the threats to manipulate the queries that are executed on the database. This enables the threat to read all the information present in the database. As the database contains all of the client and order information, this attack compromises the information confidentiality. In this scenario, the threat profile associated with the SQL injection vulnerability could contain the information as follows next. Threat profile for the SQL injection vulnerability – skill (attribute parameter), basic (value parameter), skill injection is a basic skill (motivation parameter); android (attribute parameter), human (value parameter), several manual steps that includes logging-in are required to exploit this vulnerability (motivation parameter); intensity (attribute parameter), any (value parameter), this vulnerability can be exploited in a single attack (motivation parameter).

Secondly, a history of threats active on the system is referenced to ascertain how often a threat capable of exploiting the vulnerability is active on the network. For example, it could be determined that there are five threats in the past week capable of exploiting this vulnerability. This does not provide an exact likelihood of the risk, but provides a quantitative basis for companies to prioritize risks that go beyond the high, medium, and low categories used by current standards followed by a Microsoft SQL Server hosting service provider.

Robust Data Backup

Thirty days of rolling data backups are provisioned by a Cloud Computing or Application Hosting service provider that offers MS SQL Server hosting service.

Twenty Four By Seven Support Service

MS SQL Server host offers twenty four by seven support services.